Hotel description

Hotel "Private residence "Bogemia" is located in a unique historic – architectural area of Saratov in the apartment house of a merchant V. A. krasulina. The building was built on the German street for the architect of Mars in 1912. Massive house in the art Nouveau style was a little distracting from the old building, mostly the second half of the nineteenth century. However, it has become its real decoration. In Soviet times, in the right part of the first floor open shop "Hours," which is there to this day. The hotel uniquely blends the charm of history and the high level of modern comfort and service. Few hotels can boast of so bright, spacious rooms with high ceilings and large Windows. During its existence the hotel has gained popularity among Russian and foreign tourists, representatives of business and art.

Address: 410012, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Saratov, Kirova avenue, 25
Tel.:  +78452517100

Terms of stay

Data policies are General and may vary depending on room type. Please check out the description of Your room.

Booking cancellationCancellations less than 24 hours prior to arrival will be charged the cost of the booked rooms for first night.

Location, directions to the hotel

Good location in the heart of the city and high level of service, make a private residence "Bogemia" attractive for businessmen, tourists, honeymooners and all those who became a guest of the hotel. Attractions close to the hotel: the main pedestrian street of the city: prospect Kirova Saratov Arbat with many shopping malls and boutiques, cafes and restaurants; green area: the Park of culture and rest "limes"; the administrative center of Saratov: regional Duma, the government building of the Saratov region, the Saratov administration; cinema "Victory"; Academic theatre of Opera and ballet; The Saratov state art Museum im. A. N. Radishcheva;Theatre of young spectators named. Y. P. Kiselyova; Saratov state Conservatory. L. V. Sobinova;Saratov regional Philharmonic. A. Schnittke.

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